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Ask about Independent Book Publishing, Self-Publishing and Getting Your Book Written and Sold. Attend FREE phone seminar/workshops on copyright protection, book promotion, book Web sites, quality printing cost, online marketing, writing tips, niche consumer development and other book publishing secrets. There is a Book in Everyone. It is time to get Your Book Out.

"We'd also like to acknowledge Mr. Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr., publisher and consultant to publishers, for keeping us focused on marketing this book. Writing, for Rusty, is only half the job, or less. Getting it into the hands of enthusiastic readers is where most independent publishers fail - something Rusty was dedicated to prevent in our case. Let's hope he was successful. In this context, thanks once again Mr. Walker for helping us put together a creditable and (we hope) effective website."
-- Reynold Feldman and M. Jan Rumi,

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Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr.
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