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We meld direct marketing Web site design and cutting edge technology with a deep understanding of the publishing business and book marketplace. Whatever your genre or subject, we'll help you articulate your messages, package your key ideas and leverage the Internet so you resonate with your most important audiences.

Your Book Web site should be under your full control; and easy for you to update and change. We set you up and show you how. You need a web site that is easy to read and use for people; and all of the search engines. You can sell your book from your own Web site using major credit cards with no bank setup, monthly or yearly fees; how about a fee of just 3% of the retail price of actual book orders. We show you the little known and rarely used Domain Name Book Title Power Connection. See the evidence on this Web page.

YourBookWebSite.com is operated by W. Walker, Jr. & Assoc. Ltd. We use our 25 plus years of Book Publishing expertise to help you develop an effective online site for your book.

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WisingUp Book Cover www.WisingUp.com
We'd also like to acknowledge Mr. Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr., publisher and consultant to publishers, for keeping us focused on marketing this book. Writing, for Rusty, is only half the job, or less. Getting it into the hands of enthusiastic readers is where most independent publishers fail - something Rusty was dedicated to prevent in our case. Let's hope he was successful. In this context, thanks once again Mr. Walker for helping us put together a creditable and (we hope) effective website.
-- Reynold Feldman and M. Jan Rumi,


Leonora Ching, Author Pickle Passion www.Pickle-Passion.com
"It's clear in looking over these recipes that Ching knows what she's doing and feels comfortable experimenting. . . .there are some very interesting ideas in this book and some recipes you won't readily find elsewhere."
-- By Wanda Adams, The Honolulu Advertiser

Aloha to Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr., my publishing consultant for all his precious and money saving tips on book marketing. Also, for his photography of my food, designing of this expanded edition and setting up the Web site.
-- Leonora Ching "The Pickle Lady,"


The Superinsulated House Photo on Book Cover by W. Walker, Jr.Review of a Home Building Classic
Ed McGrath published his first book in this subject on 1978. It was pretty general, but it was one of the first attempts at presenting useful information for builders in very cold climates. The present book is fill with solid, well-illustrated details -- all from experience of the toughest sort [Fairbanks, Alaska]. The basic principles are explained in terms that anyone should be able to understand -- one good way to help spread the Word. For many folks, books "born in the filed" as this one was, are more useful than those born in laboratories.
-- J. Baldwin, in CoEvolution Quarterly

We build targeted key word rich mini-sites that draw book buyers and sell your books. We help you develop an Internet marketing plan that includes e-commerce, professional business Web hosting and all the tools for your success and recognition as an expert in your subject area.

Welmon "Rusty" Walker, Jr. Webmaster & Publisher
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